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Why PhiliTech?

Why Offshore your Documentation Design and Production?

Do you want to reduce document production cost or need to minimise the amount spent on maintenance or servicing?


Do you need exploit the the latest in documentation technology to offer a new way to outperform your rivals?

Competitive Advantage

Do you need to maintain high quality publications but would like all the benefits that you've heard about when off-shoring publications?


Do you need people with the knowledge and expertise to deliver your publications in the most efficient ways possible?


Do you want to have someone to help with documentation tasks when a big job comes in and all your staff are already busy?


Do you want deal with a company that is able to treat you as an individual rather than feeling the pressures of massive multinational corporations?

Personal Service

Our Process

Smooth transition and completion of your project

Establish Contact

Whether we contact you or you find us, we are always easy to get hold of and are readily available to listen and respond to our customers, no matter where they are on the planet.

Requirement Analysis

Unlike other outsourcing companies, we specialise in  services in which we have the expertise to deliver high quality. After careful analysis of your requirements we will decline work we consider beyond our capabilities.

Pricing and Contracts

We provide a detailed price breakdown and quoting system combined with a user friendly contract to ensure our customers know exactly what they will receive on final hand-off.

Project Start

We select the most suitable PhiliTech specialist to chair a start-up meeting and complete the work. This way we provide specialist knowledge and workmanship tailored to our customers' requirements.

Draft Review

We understand that things can change when launching products.

At PhiliTech we provide a flex-able review process to ensure that the final product is exactly as our customers intend.

Project Finalised

PhiliTech delivers the sort of high quality documentation that you would expect from multinational documentation specialists working on behalf of large corporations - with less hassle and at a fraction of the cost.

Our Story

Documentation Specialists / Outsourcing / Off-shoring

Who are we?

We are a documentation outsourcing company based in the Philippines providing quality documentation services at highly competitive offshore rates.


Our team of British ex-pat and Filipino documentation specialists have over 13 years of experience in providing documentation solutions and creating technical publications for some of the largest and most well known companies in the world.

What do we do?

We produce anything from static, animated or wordless instructions to operating manuals, interactive guides, and spare parts catalogues. We specialise in service documentation but also provide cost effective office administration and bulk documentation services.


Our team of documentation specialists have the expertise to create wide ranging content for a variety of applications. We create innovative and user friendly documentation for diversely skilled audiences.



How do we do it?

At PhiliTech we understand the importance of having documentation that is accurate, up to date and containing information that is relevant to the target audience.


We use the most up-to-date documentation technologies to offer our customers a superior product with a fast turnaround.


We employ a streamlined process to minimise the time it takes you to submit tasks, explain requirements and validate content.


We implement solutions that work best for you and your products.

With PhiliTech you get a fresh perspective on your documentation requirements.

Hassle Free Off-shoring

Technical / Non-technical Documentation

Even though PhiliTech may be a thousand miles away, when you need something done we ensure your documentation gets created as easily as having a specialist in your office. We implement a streamlined service that takes the hassle out of submitting and validating work and we use office standard communication tools to make sure that we are always on hand - just as if we were working on-site.


PhiliTech; a team with a proven track record

13+ years in Technical Documentation

British Documentation Specialists


Scalable Workforce




A Few of Our Services

Technical / Non-technical Documentation