• Spare Parts List

    Arguably the corner stone of any service documentation is the spare parts list.  However, the creation and management of an industry grade spare parts list is time-consuming, expensive and difficult to manage, even for the most skilled professionals.


    At PhiliTech our staff have the knowledge and experience to efficiently create the highest quality illustrated parts lists and catalogues (IPL/IPC) for the most intricate hardware.


    We can offer:


    • Construction of spare parts lists for sub-assemblies or whole products.
    • Updating or re-purposing of legacy spare parts list documentation.
    • Consultation in relation to sparing process best practice and strategy.
    • The ability to create service documentation without the need to wait for physical prototypes.

    Spare Parts List

  • How it works

    Sparing data population


    The process of extracting up-to-date parts list data is dictated by the systems that the customer already has in place. We have experience working with a number of resource planning software products such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Solidworks Enterprise PDM, together with a host of custom made sparing systems. PhiliTech can fit around the system(s) that you already use to create industry grade spare parts lists.


    Sparing strategy


    Our specialists have experience effectively outlining and solving issues with sparing processes and pinpointing design errors during the development of a spare parts lists. As a result customers are able to eradicate issues before a product launch and avoid a negative impact in the field.


    Exploded view line art


    We can create spare parts list illustrations using processes that are detailed in the technical illustrations section (see above).

    How it works

  • Technical Authoring

    PhiliTech can help elevate your communications and capture your audiences with precisely written technical documents. We specialise in turning complex technical subjects into plain, easy to understand English.


    Our technical authors provide complete technical data capabilities from initial research to documentation development, validation and deployment and have proven results in delivering documentation that provides a competitive advantage to our customers.


    With experience in sectors as diverse as electronics and telecommunication to mining simulation technologies through to Xerography, our authors have both the knowledge and the capability to diversify into different subject matters.


    Combining English writing and communication skills with the ability to adapt to different technical industries, PhiliTech can produce the sort of user and service documentation, company catalogues and training materials that explain products, procedures and instructions with exceptional detail and clarity.

    Technical Authoring

  • What Do We Create?

    Our technical authors and writers have experience creating the following types of content:


    • Process documentation
    • Software user manuals
    • Hardware user manuals
    • Service manuals
    • Installation guides
    • Customer support installation and retrofit documents
    • Safety manuals
    • Pre-installation manuals
    • Software release notes
    • Hardware and software quick-start and quick-event guides
    • Functional specification documents
    • Circuit diagrams
    • Block schematic diagrams
    • Software control data manuals
    • Corporate software user guides
    • OH&S safe work and operation documents
    • OH&S JSA documents
    • Corporate documentation templates
    • Flowcharts

    What Do We Create?

  • Document Management

    PhiliTech provides a complete solution for managing all your documentation from design and creation through to delivery and maintenance.


    Document production and management can often require specific skills. We offer a single source solution for all technical publications and support activities - from one-off assignments to partnership arrangements whereby PhiliTech acts as the technical publications department on behalf of a client.

    We are experienced in delivering documentation in any format you require - on paper, via CD, electronic files or posted via the web. We are happy to work within your existing procedures or suggest and design new ones if required.


    Translation & Localisation


    PhiliTech actively understands customers' products and their target audiences. We can arrange high-quality document translation and localisation solutions for everything from quick-turnaround press releases to high-volume content, managing each task from file preparation to final delivery.

    Document Management

  • 3D Interactive Animation

    For too many years service documentation was confided to static or paper based media, with 3D animation technologies only attainable by companies with sizable budgets.


    Now even non-technical users can leverage the information contained in content that was only ever intended for highly technical audiences.  We can create cutting edge 3D interactive animations for customers on any budget.


    We can offer:


    • 3D interactive animations created for repair and adjustment of hardware.
    • Construction of spare parts lists for sub-assemblies or whole products.
    • The updating or re-purposing of legacy documentation to take advantage of the benefits associated with 3D interactive animations.
    • The ability to create service documentation without the need to wait for physical prototypes.

    3D Interactive Animation

  • How it Works

    We have created a short video detailing a few of the many possibilities that are available when using 3D interactive animation within technical publications.

    Please contact PhiliTech if you require additional information regarding the creation of 3D interactive animation or to discuss your suitability to access the technology.

    How it Works

  • Interactive Multimedia Content

    Today’s user expects accurate and timely content to be delivered via the web, intra-net or locally via software to their desktop, tablet or smart phone. Too frequently organisations do not have the resources available or information in the right format to provide these services.


    PhiliTech can help you to deliver innovative e-Content to your customers in the most effective and cost efficient way.


    We are experienced in:


    • Creating intranet/extranet/web content.
    • Designing fresh (branded) content in a modern interactive format.
    • Creating technical web pages in either static or dynamic formats.
    • Designing Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP).
    • Updating or re-purposing legacy documentation.

    Interactive Multimedia Content

  • What Do We Create?

    We design learning solutions that engage, motivate and create positive change. By creating customised multimedia solutions that combine training industry best practices with aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design we make complex information easily digestible - helping to develop a real understanding of almost any subject.


    Our designers can create:


    • Rapid e-learning courses.
    • Blended e-learning courses.
    • Instruction/procedural lead courses.
    • Screencasts.
    • Software simulations.
    • HTML5 e-learning courses with built in assessments.
    • Mobile learning platforms.
    • Multimedia content for application on corporate intranets.
    • Content that is code free for easy update by the customer.

    What Do We Create?

  • Office Admin/Bulk Documentation Processing

    Large amounts of data processing and monotonous tasks carried out by your staff cost time, money and resources.


    By outsourcing all non-core work such as document data entry to a skilled expert frees your business to focus it's energies on building core competencies. PhiliTech can take over these tasks and allow your business increased commitment to provide the best goods and services to your customers.


    We can take on all the bulk documentation tasks that accumulate when running a business.  Use the slider tabs to view a detailed breakdown of the following bulk documentation services that we offer:


    • Data Entry Services
    • Data Conversion Services
    • Data Processing Services
    • Online Catalogue Services
    • Photo Editing Services
    • OCR Services
    • Scanning Services

    Office Admin/Bulk Documentation Processing

  • Data Entry, Conversion & Processing Services


    Data Entry Services


    • Data entry
    • Online data entry
    • Offline data entry
    • eBook data entry
    • Document data entry
    • Image data entry
    • Data capture
    • Website data entry
    • Invoice forms data entry
    • Translingual data entry


    Data Conversion Services


    • Data conversion
    • Document conversion
    • File conversion
    • XML conversion
    • PDF conversion
    • Book conversion
    • HTML conversion
    • SGML conversion
    • Data conversion
    • Word formatting
    • Style sheet creation


    Data Processing Services


    • Data processing
    • Forms processing
    • Order processing
    • Image processing
    • Data cleansing
    • Insurance claims processing
    • Visa form processing
    • Survey processing
    • Data de-duplication
  • Online Catalogue, Photo Editing  Services, OCR & Scanning


    Online Catalogue Services


    • Online catalogue creation
    • Catalogue conversion
    • Catalogue index building
    • Catalogue updating
    • Catalogue processing
    • Catalogue content management
    • Catalogue image creation
    • Catalogue image editing and retouching
    • Catalogue image batch processing
    • Catalogue image figure/art numbering




    Photo Editing & Print Services


    • Basic photo retouching
    • Enhanced photo colour and exposure retouching
    • Extensive editing
    • Clipping path editing
    • Background modification
    • Book building
    • Book pagination services
    • DTP formatting
    • DTP style sheet creation
    • Adobe suite file batch processing


    OCR & Scanning Services


    • Data conversion
    • Document conversion
    • File conversion
    • XML conversion
    • PDF conversion
    • Book conversion
    • HTML conversion
    • SGML conversion
    • Data conversion
  • Website Design

    Your website creates the first impression of your organisation and has significant influence on whether potential customers will want to engage with you further; whatever products or services you offer.

    A great website not only enhances your brand but also includes functionality that makes it easy to operate and maintain.  PhiliTech creates both aesthetically pleasing and ultra-functional sites that add real value to your business.


    We can offer:


    • Content research, analysis & strategy.
    • Branding and logo design.
    • Consistent layout designs.
    • Prominent, logical navigation.
    • Inclusion of professional high quality custom photography.
    • Fast-loading pages.
    • Cross-platform/cross-browser compatible sites.
    • The design of simple, functional websites.
    • Creation and implementation of branded social media web pages.

    Website Design

  • Responsive / Adaptive Web-Design

    With the continual development of mobile technology, responsive or adaptive web-design is now a necessity for all new websites. Adaptive techniques can ensure your website remains flexible enough to display on all modern devices now and in the future.


    PhiliTech have a comprehensive and inclusive approach to website planning that means that everything we do has adaptiveness in mind from the outset.


    We can can provide:


    • Creation of responsive or adaptive websites that are compatible with desktop, tablet and phone devices.
    • Updating and conversion of legacy websites to an adaptive design.
    • Migration of an existing website to an responsive or adaptive code free format.

    Responsive / Adaptive Web-Design

  • SEO / Visibility / Web Analytics

    Increased visibility creates increased sales. PhiliTech can help boost your sales, strategy, and digital presence by increasing your online exposure.


    We can provide one off search engine optimisation for small scale websites.


    We offer:


    • Keyword research and optimisation.
    • Search engine optimisation.
    • Page optimisation.
    • Title and meta-tag optimisation.
    • Adherence to search engine guidelines.
    • Content optimisation.
    • Conversion optimisation.
    • Google maps and business implementation.
    • Setup and configuration of Google Analytics.

    SEO / Visibility / Web Analytics

  • Instructional Design / Wordless Installations

    It is a big problem when poor installation instructions cause increased translation costs, elevated maintenance and reduced customer satisfaction. It is an even bigger problem when an installation guide fails to install a product or installs a product unsafely.


    PhiliTech instructional designers have experience creating wordless installation guides that have successfully installed millions of units into the field for many large and well known companies. We can create reduced word or word free installation guides that are efficient, easy to understand and safe. We are experienced in:


    • Wordless instructional design.
    • OHS guidelines and standards (in relation to installation guides).
    • Styling and branding installation instructions to aesthetically fit a product.
    • Updating or re-purposing worded legacy documentation to reduce or remove word count.

    Instructional Design / Wordless Installations

  • How it works

    Reduced word count or wordless instructions have many benefits when implemented for installation instructions:


    • Explaining processes for increased understanding.
    • Generating attention, retention and understanding of a process.
    • Providing clarity to difficult physical concepts.
    • Creating enhanced user awareness to relationships within the information.
    • Reducing or eliminating the need for translated text and any associated costs.
    • Offering visual variety and a more aesthetically pleasing method to convey information.
    • Producing content that is more engaging than a solely text based document.
    • Presenting information at a glance or with minimal study.

    How it works

  • Pictogram Re-purpose / Design

    We create pictograms for any type of application. Whether it is icons for a website or user manual or safety labels for industrial applications, we can re-purpose existing content or create unique, clear and easily understood images that are both aesthetically pleasing and easily understood. PhiliTech pictogram designs have tried and tested effectiveness in many real world situations.


    We offer:


    • Re-purpose existing images to suit a specific theme or custom design.
    • Animate static legacy icons and pictograms.
    • Create new designs for any application.
    • Resize, colour and prepare existing pictogram images for printing.

    Pictogram Re-purpose / Design

  • Technical Illustration

    Illustrations not only enhance your marketing material or technical publications they also add value through visual interest and reinforce the message you want to communicate. Results from several experiments have proven that working with text that is accompanied by illustrations significantly shortens learning time.


    PhiliTech create technical illustrations that give clarity to complicated documentation and as a result make content more easily understood by your audience.


    We can offer:


    • Professional technical line art created from almost any medium.
    • Creation of line art, infographics/pictograms and cutaway/exploded view illustrations.
    • Technical line art created in a minimal amount of time.
    • Fast turnaround for illustration batch processing tasks.

    Technical Illustration

  • How it works


    We can create technical illustrations from the following types of reference material:


    • Sketches
    • Photos
    • Engineering schematics
    • CAD data


    CAD Data


    By far the most efficient and cost effective way for us to create your technical illustrations is by utilising your existing CAD data.  In most instances we can accept .iges and .step export files that can be created by most CAD software programs.


    Please contact PhiliTech if you require additional information regarding the creation of technical illustrations.

    How it works

  • Additional Information/Options

    Additional Information / Options

    We can create a variety of technical illustrations with customised options to suit your product.


    Additional information/options:


    • All illustrations are in vector format (of your choice) for re-purposing/resizing.
    • We can produce flat, plan line art, cutaways, exploded views and info-graphic illustrations.
    • We can create 2D or 3D exploded view drawings from the actual product or existing CAD data.
    • We can produce electrical schematic, circuit and wiring diagrams and block schematic diagrams.
    • We can arrange for line art to be coloured to suit a brand or document theme.
    • We can incorporate adjustment/modification alterations during bulk workload and conversion tasks.